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Seminar Hall

It is a modern and flexible facility that accommodates up to 150 guests in comfortable style seating in an air conditioned hall. 
Features include:
Registration area
Ample space for multiple setups
10 x 4 ft. projection screen with Smart Board
ADA-compatible podium
Video-computer projection unit
Hand-held and lapel microphones


The Library plays an important role in the life of the University Students. Their education will not be complete unless they supplement their regular class work with private reading and self study for which the College Library provides ample facilities. The number of books in the library as on 31-03-2012 is 30923 and the number of journals/periodicals made available in the library is 71. E-resources like Inflibnet and on-line access to e-journals are availble to the students and faculty. These have been housed in the newly-built Library Block that spans 14000 sq. feet area at the heart of the Administrative Block. All members of the staff and students are entitled to use the library for consultation


Canteen is not just the place where you go to eat. Canteen can be otherwise referred to be a cafeteria. Rush to it after the class gets over and it's not like taking a diet conscious meal. Rather you would love to take the bite of some handsome snacks. Tits and bits and something that you really love to have in the canteens. Chips and soft drinks, tea and coffee you begin with and then it can be masaladosha and the right kind of meal. Countless cups of tea and coffee and pay at the end of the day

Retiring Room

Retiring room for women is in a convenient location for the girls and the lady staff . Such a room is separate from toilet and they can make use of it to spend their leisure


St. Aloysius College Auditorium provides a venue for gathering of the students for music performances, lectures, and common programmes. The auditorium is designed for multi-purpose use. It can accommodate up to 750 people. The stage offers space for performances, presentations, or a floor for festive activities. The auditorium features full sound and light systems. The adjoining balcony serves as the added area for the auditorium, and can be used separately or in conjunction with the rental of the auditorium for receptions or other small functions. Being at the middle of the campus it can make an excellent venue for receptions and dinners

Internet Cafe and Computer Lab

Each Department has been equipped with a browsing center for the use of their students. The Commerce Department and the Economics Department conduct courses for the students to develop basic computer skills. The library provides the Internet facility to students once they register their names in the college office as members of the club.

Fitness Centre

The college has a fitness center under the Physical Education Department. The students can make the maximum use of it as a part of their training and development of a healthy life style

Co-operative Store

A Co-operative Store has been opened in the college since 2003. All the students are members of the co-operative society running the store. The students can purchase stationery items and other personal articles from the store at a reasonable rate. A Photostat machine is available for taking photocopies.

Telecom Point

The College has arranged a Telecom point for the students of this college with the help of the Telecom Department. The students are free to make calls using the call per-coin system

Language Lab

The PG Department of English has a language lab meant for the students. It has been equipped with computers with X-Class software for the training. They have the internet access in the same lab

Screen Room

The PG Department of English has a screening room with LCD TV and other multimedia facilities. This facility has been used extensively by the students to watch classical movies as a part of their class work.

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