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By the word “discipline” the college administration understands it as controlled and ordered behaviour geared for a purpose. It is a means to an end. We seek to realise this discipline internally in the students through filial exhortation rather than by external imposition. Its aim is to nurture a fully human and fully alive identity in the students. It should make pupils unexpectedly confident and serene, alert and adventurous. It is a means through which students learn to live deliberately, to front life sturdily and to come to grips with realities. And so the college administration has laid down the following rules of general behaviour and discipline.

  • Education is the harmonious development of the entire human personality by cultivating everything that is good, beautiful and noble in human nature. Hence it should be the earnest endeavour of all students not only to concentrate on the studies but also to cultivate high and noble ideals of life and conduct. Students should take due interest in the moral, academic, cultural and physical activities of the college.

  • Every morning we begin our work with a prayer song at 9.30 a.m. When the bell is given at 9.30 a.m. all the members of the staff and students are requested to keep standing in silence till the prayer song ends.

  • Every student shall endeavour in his/her talk, movements, dress and in his/her dealings with the staff and outsiders to conduct himself / herself, everywhere within the college premises and outside in the manner worthy of the university student. He/she shall greet his/her teachers on the occasion of his/ her first meeting them within the precincts of the college, and whenever he/she meets them in public.

  • Students should be modest in their dress. Girls shall wear full skirts, sarees or preferably churidars. Boys shall not wear T- Shirts in the class room.

  • Every student shall handle the college property with care. He/she shall not make any marks on the furniture or on the walls. All serious or willful damage to furniture etc., will be required to be paid for. The classrooms and college premises must be kept clean and tidy. No decorations are allowed on the classroom walls, verandah or college portico. No posters shall be pasted or nailed on the college buildings and campus trees.

  • Forming student organizations and their activities are strictly banned in the campus. The boundary of the campus begins from the main gate near the Higher Secondary School and extends to the sides of the ‘kol’ field. Within its boundary, it encompasses all the buildings and premises owned by the Monastery. Students are forbidden to organize or attend meetings other than those permitted by the principal in writing.
  • A joint meeting of the PTA, Staff Council, College Council and the Management has resolved to ban student strikes in the campus. Accordingly, political and organizational activities inside the college campus are banned as per the Orders of the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala in R.P. No. 435/2003 and WPC No. 17148/2012. Strict disciplinary action will be taken against students who indulge in such activities. Students shall register their complaints, if any, in the Grievance Cells in the college and seek solutions.

  • Students resorting to strikes are strictly prohibited from entering the campus. Dharnas, Gheravos, processions, shouting slogans, mass petitions, boycott of classes etc. are prohibited in the campus.

  • Posters, banners or flags are not to be kept or exhibited anywhere in the campus.

  • No programme shall be arranged by associations / clubs in the campus without prior permission of the Principal.

  • Parents and guardians are requested not to ask their children/ wards to come away from college before class is over, unless in case of real necessity.

  • Irregular attendance, insubordination to lecturers, habitual inattention to class works, obscenity in word or deed will be viewed seriously.

  • Everyone has the full freedom to follow any religion according to his own conscience and is encouraged to practise it; but external worship other than catholic is not allowed in the college premises.

  • The students are welcome to bring to the attention of the authorities any reasonable grievances or difficulties they might have.

  • a. Tours for not more than three days may be arranged by the final year students of each department with the consent of the class teachers and the approval of the Head of the Department and the principal. The students going on tour have to be accompanied by a senior male teacher of the department and either by a lady teacher, or by the wife of the accompanying male teacher, or by the mother of a girl student in the group.

  • b. Study Tours may be arranged by the teachers concerned in consultation with the class teacher, Head of the Department and with the approval of the Principal.

  • c. Associations such as NCC, NSS, Nature Club and Christals may arrange one-day tours preferably on a holiday, with the permission of the Principal.

  • Strict disciplinary action will be taken against the students found having any association with anti-social gangs. Students are warned against bringing the members of such gangs to the campus.

  • If the teacher concerned has not turned up to engage the class, the class leader may contact the departments and try to make alternative arrangements. If the leader fails to arrange a teacher to engage the class, the students shall not loiter or crowd anywhere in the campus or in the veranda. They must be reading in the Library / reading room.

  • Students always wear their Identity Cards and produce them whenever asked by a staff of the college, teaching or non-teaching.

  • Students shall enter only those classrooms, which are assigned to them. No Student enter or leave the class room when the teacher is in the class without the permission of the teacher.

  • The furniture in the particular classroom shall not be moved elsewhere or rearranged without the prior permission of the class in charge.

  • Smoking and the use of liquor or narcotic drugs are strictly prohibited in the campus.

  • If any student is sent out of the class or if any student is not allowed to enter the class by a teacher, the student shall immediately meet the principal to report the matter.

  • Boys and girls shall park their 2-wheelers in the 2-wheeler Parkin Area allotted to them.

  • Students coming to college on two wheelers shall not ride their way to classrooms, library, auditorium or canteen.

  • Unless otherwise told, our students are free to play games on the playgrounds only till 4 p.m. on class days. The college students shall vacate the grounds by 4 p.m. so as to enable the school students to use the grounds. Any breach in this regard will not be appreciated.

  • On no occasions shall the students bring to the classrooms amplifiers and play out stereo, mobile phones, tape recorders and keyboards for recreational purposes.

  • Taking photographs of students by students in the campus is strictly forbidden.
  • Celebrations, of any kind, should be with the permission of the teachers or the Principal. Birth Day celebrations are are not permitted in the campus.

  • Ragging is a criminal offence. Police case will be registered against any one involving in ragging.

  • In view of Governor’s order R T No. 346/05/H. Ed. dt. 1-3-2005, the Government has banned Fashion show, Cinematic Dance and use of Mobile Phones, with or without Camera, in the College Campus.

  • The following punishments may be imposed on those who violate the guideline/s mentioned above.

  • i) a fine of not less than Rs. 500/-

    ii) Suspension from the college for three or more days.

    iii) Denial of the conduct certificate

    iv) Debarring from contesting the student Union election.

    v) Dismissal for repeated violation of the guidelines.

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