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  • A student who absents himself/herself from class during any one period of the day shall lose the full attendance of the session.
  • Students coming late to class will lose half a day’s attendance. The teacher at his discretion may admit students who come late. He may also mark them present on a reasonable excuse.
  • The role numbers of absentees shall be put on the notice board from time to time and any complaints regarding them should be brought to the notice of the Principal within three days.
  • Students have to satisfy attendance requirements for admission to University examinations.
  • The annual attendance and progress certificate shall not be granted unless the student has attendance for three fourth of number of working days prescribed by the college and the authorities are satisfied that the progress and the conduct of the student have been satisfactory.
  • In the case of deficiency of attendance the Principal may recommend the student concerned to the University for exemption. The necessary exemption fee should be paid to the University.
  • If shortage dose not exceed fourteen (14) days, exemption may be granted by the Vice Chancellor . When the shortage exceeds fourteen (14) days the application will be disposed off by the Syndicate. No exemption will be granted if the shortage exceeds twenty four days.
  • Note:- No application for condonation will be recommended by the Principal unless he is satisfied that the shortage of attendance was due to causes beyond the control of the student and that the application has been endorsed by the H.O.D concerned. Ordinarily, only prolonged illness will be accepted as a genuine reason for shortage of attendance. Absence without leave will not be condoned under any circumstances.
  • A Student in a junior class who has earned required attendance progress certificate is eligible for promotion to the next higher class only if he/she has registered for the University examination at the end of the year.
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