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The students admitted in the college have to submit TC, Conduct Certificate, Mark lists, Pass Certificate, Provisional / Original degree Certificate etc. in the College Office. In general these Certificates will be returned to the students only when the students leave the College with TC.
In an urgent situation a student may request for the return of these Certificates on payment of an amount equivalent to the fee for one year.
For any Certificate from the college, the students have to apply in writing to the Principal with a payment of Rs. 5/- Conduct Certificate is a document which a student has to earn. It will not be issued as a matter of Course.
The Certificates submitted by a student in the College at the time of admission shall be taken back by the student along with TC within a year after the completion of the Course. The college will own no responsibility for the Certificates submitted in the college after one year of leaving the college. After one year Rs. 10/- will be levied per year for safe custody of the documents in addition to the late fee for TC.
A fee of Rs. 50/- will be levied from those who apply for the duplicate copies of the Transfer Certificate.
In case, a student is expelled from the college for serious misconduct or repeated misbehaviour, his TC will be sent to the University and the matter will be reported to his parent/guardian.
Duplicate identity cards will be issued, if necessary, on a payment of Rs. 30/-

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