The association for Christian activities and Value Education programmes that has been at work for years in the college was christened ‘Christals’ and the official announcement of the same was made on 23 September 1997. The name, though homophonic of the word in English, ‘crystals’ is intended to carry a metaphorical and functional meaning of the English word, in the sense that the members of the association, namely, all the students and the members of staff of St. Aloysius College should try to become ‘Christ Crystals’ (Christals). The association conducts periodic value education talks and classes, and religious programmes to help students to blossom the best in them. Liturgical services are held daily at 6am. and 7.00 am. in the Parish Church. On Sundays there are three services at 6am., 7.50am. and 10.30 am. On second Fridays Liturgical services will be held at 9.30 am. All catholic staff and students are advised to take active part in these services. The church is opened all day long for the students for silent prayer and meditation. On Fridays regular talks/classes in Value Education are conducted for the students under the leadership of CHRISTALS. Value education classes are concerned with value development in today’s’ young people and focus on such areas as personal values, social values, spiritual values, values in marriage, values in leadership etced.