Departments Association

The various associations are constituted to develop the academic life of the students. They are intended to develop their talents, mould their character and to foster the students’ corporate life. For this purpose lectures and debates of general, literary and scientific interest, will be arranged under the auspices of the literary and scientific section of the Association.

The Subject Associations:

In subjects where instruction is offered at the Degree level, the Heads of Departments organise Subject Associations for the Degree and Postgraduate students, with special rules for their functioning. Each Subject Association shall have an Executive Committee, consisting of a Staff Members as President, a Secretary and a Treasurer and if necessary, a few additional members. Each Subject Association can collect a membership fee not exceeding Rs. 25/- per head. The funs of the Subject Association will be operated separately from those of the Union funds.

College Union:

The College Union activities offer students opportunity to grow in co-operation with other sin areas of personal and academic interests and in areas of service to fellow human beings. The college union has wide variety of student activities that help mould out a true education. These activities pertain to cultural, social, religious, athletic and artistic area. The elected class representatives will elect the office bears of the college union council. One girl representative and one boy representative will be elected from each class with co education. Two representatives will be elected from boys only/girls only classes.

Fine Arts Club:

The fine arts club in the college will be primarily concerned with preparing students for College Youth Festival, College Day, D-Zone and Inter-Zone Competitions and external competitions at the District and the State level. The club will also support,offer suggestions and coordinate the effective functioning of the Literary and Film Club, the Drama Club and Music and Dance Club. The club will directly intervene in the preparations for various items of competitions that do not come under the supervision of Literary and Film Club, Drama Club and Music and Dance club like painting, clay modeling etc.

Christals :

The association for Christian activities and Value Education programmes that has been at work for years in the college was christened ‘Christals’ and the official announcement of the same was made on September 1997. The name, though homophonic of the word in English, ‘crystals’ is intended to carry a metaphorical and functional meaning of the English world, in the sense that the members of the association, namely, all the students and he members of staff of St. Aloysius College should try to become ‘Christ Crystals’ (Christals). On Fridays regular talks/classes in Value Education are conducted for the students under the leadership of CHRISTALS. Value education classes are concerned with value development in today’s young people and focus on such areas as personal values, social values, spiritual values in marriage, values in leadership etc.

Women Club: 

The activities of the Women Cell are carried out in the college through the AIACHE Center for Women Development, Delhi. Women Cell conducts seminars, extension lecturers, debates, speech competitions with a special emphasis on women and their role in the present-day society. It organizes various social awareness programmes so as to help the students understand em pathetically the weak and the down trodden of the society. The objectives of the cell are:
To cultivate leadership skills in women
To create an awareness about the social problems faced by women and to work for the uplift of women
To make women realize their equal responsibility in building a society.

Quiz Club :

The Quiz Club aims to foster the spirit of inquiry and sense of curiosity in the students, leading to better awareness of the world around them. The club helps the students to prepare for competitions through supply of materials, discussions and guidance. The students are equipped to take part in various state wide quiz competitions.

Nature Club: 

The Nature Club tries to impart a vital awareness and the knowledge of conservation. Regular activities : a. electing student co-ordinators and executive members b. discussion, debates, photo exhibition etc. on issues concerning nature c. planning for the yearly programmes

E. D. Club:

The Entrepreneurial Development Club identifies potential entrepreneurs in the Department of Commerce and promotes entrepreneurial activities inculcating entrepreneurial trades and managerial skills.They also conduct seminars to motivate members to begin industrial ventures.

E. T. Club :

The Economics Times Club finances the subscription of the Economics Times, the premier business daily of India at a special student subscription rate. The club arranges talks and essay writing competitions. It also exhibits on notice boards the various issues relevant to the economic situation of India and World at large.

Tourism Club:

The Tourism Club comprising fifty members under the aegis of District Tourism Promotion Council goes about with the onerous task of discovering the tourism potential of our State. It conducts orientation classes on tourism and its possibilities with discussions and quiz programmes. The members are engaged in the activities like identification of tourist spots in the District, guiding village tour, tourism spots survey, interaction sessions with foreign tourists etc.

Literary & Film Club:

The Literary & Film Club aims to groom students who have a taste for literature and film. They conduct competitions, in recitations, composition of poems, essay writing and short writing. They also have opportunities to perform for the radio and TV stations and cable networks. They hold film appreciation classes and arrange screening of master pieces for the whole college. Occasionally campus film are also made with the help of the club.o Music & Dance Club : The Music & Dance Club comprises of students who have already received training in dance and music from their younger days. These students identify others in the campus who evince talents and impart training to them .They participate in college level and University level cultural competitions.

Health Club :

The Health Club advocates health and wellness issues of concern to college students and college environment. The club members play an effective roll in encouraging their pears to consider and develop responsible habits, attitude and life styles regarding health and wellness issues by actively promoting healthy and safe life style decisions.

Drama Club :

The Club aims to spread interest in the theory and practice of theatre in all its aspects. It proposes to encourage active involvement in the members regardless of previous experience in theatre related activities.

Equal Opportunity Cell:

The existence of social, political, and economic discriminations is a bane to the democratic Indian State. To make students more responsive to the needs and constraints of the disadvantaged social groups, St. Aloysius College has, under the directive of the UGC, established an Equal Opportunity Cell in the Campus. The Cell works to ensure equity and equal opportunity to the community at large in the college. In order to sensitize the academic community regarding the problems associated with social exclusion EOC conducts a certificate course on positive discrimination of SC and ST or national development. The cell also organizes seminars and conferences