The aim of this form is to obtain a constructive feedback for improving facilities and services of the college. The response from your side will help the college in its endeavor to strengthen the overall development of students.


Name of the Alumni:

Contact No:

Email Address:

Present Occupation:

Course completed from the College:

UG/PG/Ph.D Batch:

1. Course studied at St. Aloysius College is useful and relevant in your present job:
2. Rate the faculty relationship in St. Aloysius College:
3. Rate the office staff and student relationship in the college:
4. How do you rate the development activities organized by the college for your overall development:

5. How do you rate the syllabus you studied in relation to the needs of your profession/ industry?

6. What is the contribution level of institution towards your improvement?

7. Do you think the syllabus was suitable to acquire the overall knowledge of the subject?

8. Has the syllabus created an interest to pursue higher studies?

9. Has the course helped you in improving your personality?

10. Suggestions, if any:
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Name of the employer:

Contact No:

Email Address:

Course completed from the College:

1. How is the general communication skill of our student?
2. How are her/his planning and organization skills?

3. Is the curriculum studied relevant for employability?

4. Is the curriculum effective in developing innovative thinking?

5. How is her/his willingness to take up extra responsibility?
6. Suggestions if any:


Name of the Parent:

Occupation :

Address :

Mobile no. & e-mail address:

Name of the student & course:

Holistic development of your child:
Has the curriculum improved your child’s academic and professional needs?
Co-curricular activities in the college

How well were the teachers able to communicate to the students?

Office Facility

Class Room Facility

Sports Facility

How well are the reference materials in the Library in connection with the syllabus taught?

The digital environment in the college enhances the technological skill of your child

College Website/MIS


Hostel facilities



Name of the Teacher:

Name of the Course:

Name of the Subject:

1. The syllabus is need based

2. Aims and objectives of the course where clear to you
3. The course/syllabus has good balance between Theory and Application
4. The sequence of the syllabus is semester wise relevant to the course
5. The books prescribed/listed as reference materials are relevant, updated and appropriate
6. Sufficient number of books are available in the library
7. Are there enough practical hours/tutorials per week?
8. Does the given curriculum mold into the semester period?
9. ICT facilities in the college are adequate and satisfactory.
10. Suggestions if any:


1. Does the teacher engage his/her Lectures regularly?
2. Does the teacher come on time for the lecture?
3. How well did the teacher prepare for the classes?
4. How do you find the communication skills of the teacher?
5. Does the teacher complete the syllabus in time?
6. Syllabus equipped me with the necessary  skills to face the industry
7. The syllabus enabled me to improve my ability to solve problems
8. Does the teacher use ICT Tools (LCD projector/multimedia etc.) for teaching?
9. Is the teacher fair and transparent in the internal assessment?
10. Library is a well equipped learning center
11. Suggestions for further improvements