The Library plays an important role in the life of the University Students. Their education will not be complete unless they supplement their regular class work with private reading and self study for which the College Library provides ample facilities. The number of books in the library as on 31-03-2010 is 28923 and the number of journals/periodicals made available in the library is 71. All members of the staff and students are entitled to use the library for consultation and for taking books on loan. Hence all those who make use of the facilities in the library are expected to adhere to the following regulations. Library Catalogue is computerized and is available in the library.

Books will not be allowed to be taken home from the Reference section. They will be issued for use in library room during working hours.

A student requiring a library book should fill up the application form and give it to the Librarian. The Librarian will then issue the book and retain the application form until the book is returned.

Students must examine the books on receiving and report to the Librarian any damage found therein. If they fail to do so they will be held responsible for the damage found on returning the book.

Degree students are allowed to take four books at a time. Post Graduate students may take at the most 6 books at a time. The librarian will see that one copy of each important books is always in the library for reference of students and teachers.

Books may be kept for a fortnight, as a general rule, but this period may be shortened, in particular cases.

Students are not allowed to pass book from one to another or lend them to any one in or outside the College. If so found they will be fined or their membership will be suspended.

A student failing to return the book within the prescribed time will have to pay a fine of Re. 1/- per day (including holidays). If the book is detained he/she will be suspended from membership till the fine is paid.

The returned book will be examined by the attender at the counter, and if there is any damage he must report it to the Librarian. If a book is damaged, lost or spoiled, the member will have either to pay for it or supply the Library with a new copy according to the decision of the Librarian.

Strict silence must be observed in the library and its immediate precincts.

The library and reading room will be opened from 9.00 am to 4.00 pm

Members are forbidden to remove any content of any newspaper or magazine from the reading room.