The National Service Scheme aims at education through community service. It is intended to be useful to society. Membership in NSS is voluntary and is strictly on selective basis. 300 students are selected to make National Service Corps. Each such student is subject to its discipline and code of behaviour. Every student attending the NSS will be required to put the minimum of time equivalent to 120 hours each academic year. Those who complete 240 hours of work in 2 years are eligible for a Certificate issued by the University and a weightage of 10 marks. At present various inspiring and informative programmes are undertaken by the three NSS units – Nos 46, 122 and 5 under the guidance of three programme officers. The volunteers who have regular attendance in all the classes and take termly examinations without fail alone will be eligible to attend the annual ten day camp. As the activities of the student organizations are banned in the campus, the volunteers who engage themselves in such activities will be removed from the roll of NSS. The leaders will be removed from their posts, if they do no attend the classes regularly and if they are involved in acts of indiscipline.