General Guidelines

General Guidelines

  • Identity Card is a must for Library entrance and users should swipe the ID cards on the Library E-gate Register
  • Students are allowed to take only pen and paper inside the Library
  • Keep your bags and personal belongings at the property counter near the circulation desk.
  • Faculty can borrow 10 books, UG Students can borrow 2 books, PG students can borrow 6 books and Research Scholars can borrow 8 books from the library.
  • Borrowed Books should be returned on the due date stamped on the date label in the book. A fine of Rs. 1 will be levied if a book is detained beyond due date
  • Renewals are allowed only once for 7 days when there is no claim by others.
  • Loss of Borrowed books/Library Cards have to be reported immediately in writing to the Librarian.
  • Reference Books and Project Reports will not be lent out.
  • No Combined Reference Work and discussion is to be done inside the Library
  • Books should be handled with great care .Mutilation of Books in any manner will be fined
  • Students are not allowed to exchange Library Books/Library Cards
  • Mobile phones are strictly prohibited inside the Library

Expectation from Users:

1. Silence should be maintained in the library and its immediate premises.

2. Always communicate to library staff about your needs

3. Maintain a queue at circulation counter.

6. Carry ID Cards at all times & produce them on demand.

7. Look frequently at the library Notice Board and E -board.