B.Voc Nursery & Ornamental Fish Farming

Nursery and Ornamental Fish Farming

B Voc Degree course in Nursery and Ornamental Fish Farming was introduced with a view to enhance employability. The syllabus emphasises on development of entrepreneurial potential and skills amongst the students. This 3 year B Voc course follows Credit Based Semester and Grading System with continuous evaluation involving Internal and External examinations. The syllabus of the B Voc course is modularized offering opportunity to learners to study techniques in Nursery and Ornamental fish farming theoretically, practically and experimentally by working with established and successful entrepreneurs in this field.
Objectives of the Course:
1) To inculcate importance of nursery and ornamental fish farming in relation with entrepreneurship development.
2) To give students knowledge about plants, nursery, ornamental fish breeding, rearing and its marketing to make them self sustainable after graduation.
3) To teach techniques of construction of glass aquarium and its maintenance.
4) To teach students about fish food production and health related problems with ornamental fish.