ASAP, Additional Skill Acquisition Programme, a joint initiative of General Education Department and Higher Education Department, Govt. of Kerala, is a project aimed to equip young population with skills in cutting edge sectors in order to effectively alleviate the unemployment problem in the state. St.Aloysius College is one of the 10 colleges in the state to receive a Five Star rating for its excellence in training students. It is ranked Ist in the District and 3rd in the State. The college offers the ASAP level 1 programme, which is a combination of three courses, namely, Communication Skills in English, Basic IT and an Elective Domain Specific Skill Course. The Programmes are developed, delivered, assessed and certified with the active participation of the related industries to ensure labour market acceptance of the programmes. The college also acts as a centre for ASAP 21 days residential Training Partner Scheme Programme every year.


21 Day Training in CLT, Soft Skills, and IT Components

21 Day Training Time Table

Aptis Candidate Report