Dr. Betsy Paul

Personal Details

Name:                                   Dr. Betsy Paul C
Nationality:                         Indian
Gender :                               Female
Date of Birth :
Designation :                      Associate Professor
                                              Postgraduate Department of English,
                                              St. Aloysius College (University of Calicut)
                                              Elthuruth, Trichur, Kerala 680611
                                              Member, P.G Board of Studies in English, University of Calicut
Teaching Experience :     P.G 26 Years, U.G 26 Years
Research Experience :     Research Guide in the Faculty of English Universty of Calicut
Research Supervision :    Supervised PG Dissertations and Translation Projects since 2004.
Present Address :              Dr. Betsy Paul. C, Capital Symphony, Makkam Lane, Kanattukara, Thrissur, Kerala 680011
E mail :                                betspaulc@gmail.com
Phone :                                +91-9387213444


Educational Qualifications

Ph. D (University of Calicut, 2010) Thesis entitled “Actor Without Audience”: A Study on the Presentation of Lonely Self in Tom Stoppard and David Mamet.
Qualified for UGC Lectureship and JRF, 1991
M.A. in English Language and Literature (Vimala College, University of Calicut, 1989).

Research Papers

School Full of White Tigers: Individuation as a Process in The White Tiger and Slumdog Millionaire. Conspectus. 7 (2013):81-91)
“Imagining Democracy: 1863, 1947 and 2009.” Conspectus.6 (2012): 65-74
“Liberal or Conservative: Politics in David Mamet’s Oleanna.” Advances in Arts and Ideas. 6.1&2 (2010): 1-11.
” ‘Our gods …will Survive’: Culture of Survival Amidst Imagined Locales and Cultural Utopias in P. Vatsala’s Melppalam.” Malayalam Literary Survey. 31.1 (2010): 28-38.
Possibilities and Pause-Abilities: Revolution and Reaction in Shakespeare in Love.” Litspark 2.1 (2005): 61-66.
Moments of Cognition II” Malayalam Literary Survey 18.1 (1996): 97-101.
“Moments of Cognition I” Malayalam Literary Survey 17.4 (1995): 92-99

Papers presented at Seminars / Conferences

“Emotion in Context: Construction of Terror in American Short Stories.” International Seminar on Contemporary American Literature: Trends and Prospects organized by Research Centre for Comparitive Studies, Mercy College Palakkad on 21 and 22 November 2014
Coming to Terms with Living: Contemporary Malayalee Survival Strategies.” National Conference on Travelling Folk Tale organized by CLAI and Katha at Symbiosis University, Poona on 25&26 Nov 2011.

Proceedings published

“The Individual in S. Joseph’s Poems.” UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Transcending the Margins: Indigene-Dalit Literatures as Resistance Narratives organized by the Department of English, N.S.S. College, Ottappalam, on 25 & 26 August 2011.
“Human Rights: Philosophy and Praxis.” National Conference on Human Rights in a Changing World organized by the Equal Opportunity Cell and the Dept. of English, St. Aloysius College, Thrissur, 26-27 November 2010.
“From Representamen to Intepretant: Mobility of the Theatrical Sign,” presented in the National Seminar on The Semiotic Patterns in Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication conducted by the Department of English, Carmel College, Mala, 17-18 June 2010.
“Democratic Reconstruction: Lincoln’s Gettysburg Legacy,” presented in the International Conference on Abraham Lincoln without Borders conducted by the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Madras, 19-20 December 2009.
“Subversions of Identity in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Black” presented in the International Conference on Canadian Literature conducted by the Department of English, Holy Cross College, Tiruchirappalli, 31 Jan – 1 Feb 2006.
“Pause-abilities and Possibilities: Reaction and Revolution in Shakespeare in Love” presented in Introduction to Film Studies: National Seminar cum Workshop conducted by the Department of English and Chetana Media Institute, Thrissur, 23, 24, and 25 Oct. 2003.

Other Writings

“Society without Frames is Possible.” Interview with Nivedita Menon. Gargi Jan. 2011: 43-44.
“Onathinidakkoru Poottukachavadam.” (article) Mukharekha Sept. 2009: 15-17.
“On Not Being an Earthworm.” (poem) The Indian P.E.N. 51.10-12 (1990): 22.
“Evolution of the Self.” English Talk broadcast by the All India Radio, Thrissur. 6 May 2009.

Projects Awarded

UGC Minor Research Project on “Individuated Indian,” 2011

Seminars/Workshops Organized

Organized a One Day Workshop on Social Discrimination at St.Aloysius College on 16/02/11.
Organized a National Conference, Human Rights in A Changing World on 26 & 27 Nov 2010.
Organized a Workshop on Creative writing with the collaboration of Sahitya Academi at St. Aloysius College, Elthuruth, in Jan 2000.
Organized a Workshop on Literature Appreciation, Jan 1998.

Other Academic Activities

Organized a short film competition The Filmdom
Functioned as panelist at the National Conference on Quality Enhancement, organized by IQAC, St. Marys College, Thrissur, in March 2012.
Organized a short term course on Positive Discrimination of the SC/ ST for National Development which was attended by the students of our college.
Produced a short film for Equal Opportunity Cell, Excuse Me in 2011.