Media Center & E-Content Resources

Media Centre comes with everything you need to take on more demanding music and immersive audio productions. The 3 air-conditioned cabins with advanced recording, editing, and automation tools and full surround sound support, you can create large-scale mixes with up to 256 simultaneous audio tracks using just the software—or up to 768 tracks with Pro Tools.

From mono and stereo sound, to 5.1, 7.1, and immersive audio, Pro Tools | Ultimate provides the most efficient workflows and advanced automation to handle the largest music, soundtrack, Dolby Atmos, and Ambisonics productions. Plus, VCA Masters, Track Freeze, and a built-in surround panner accelerate the mixing process. You can even explore alternative versions of a mix with Project Revisions.

Our Campus Radio Alo-Voice is a young and aspirational radio station that brings new and differentiated  music! It has content that will put a smile on your face with youthful and campus centric talk. Young, happy, lively and inspirational is what this brand new venture  is all about.

Sl No. Topic Faculty/Resource Person  
1 Philip Larkin: `Church Going’ Dr.Pius T.K View
2 Decision-making in Business Operations  Dr.Libison K B View
3 Contribution of Sigmund Freud: Introduction to Psychoanalysis Reshma.K View
4 Alexander Pope: `The Rape of Lock’ Thaiba K.M View
5 Essential Elements of Valid Contract Nanet Joy View
6 Data: Methods of Collecting Primary Data Reeba Ann James View
7 Performance of Contract Umadevi.D View
8 Process, Importance and Disadvantages of MBO Abhilash Govindan View
9 Production Life Cycle Theory & Technolgical Gap Model  Dr.Umaiban View
10 Interview with Dr. Rajan Gurukkal on ‘Outcome Based Education´ Dr. Rajan Gurukkal

(Vice Chairman Kerala State Higher Education Council)

11 Network Topology                 Stivin T.S View
12 Human Resources Planning Levels and Problems Cleetus Johnson View
13 Methods of Pricing                          Dellby Davis View
14 Factors Effecting Demand Helna K Paul View
15 Sampling Design Thomas Joseph View
16 Introduction to Managerial Economics Himaprabha P View
17 Business Research Methods Jithin Varghese View
18 Henri Fayol Philo Binu View
19 Accounting for Management: Ratio Analysis Priya Antony Chiramel                                                                          View
20 Management Styles Rachana P Nair View
21 Logistics Interphase with Marketing Raghunath.R View
22 Money  Market Rajalakshmi.P  View
23 Methods of Collecting Data Roji K.R View
24 Pronounciation Sandeep E.S View
25 Introduction to Communication Sandra Francis View
26 Group Formation Syna.P View
27 Shakespeare’s Hamlet Dr.Thomas John View
28 Retail Management Process Sunantha K.R View