Principal’s  Message

St. Aloysius College is a unique academic community that has a great heart and passion for serving the needs of its students.  It has been a privilege and a pleasure to see how much this fraternity has grown academically and socially this year. The college completes its fifty years of valuable service to the academic fraternity and the society at large. Any Celebration is a matter of joy to everyone. But certain celebrations leave an indelible mark in the pages of history with its eminence. Such is the one what we have today as it celebrates its Golden Jubilee. I am glad to be a part of its life as it moves to the next phase.

St. Aloysius College is much more than a cluster of lifeless concrete blocks and spectre thins boughs of the grandma trees in the midst of green patches of paddy fields and surrounded waterscapes. It is a great academic fraternity  formed as a part of a precious CMI heritage , sustained by the ardent  love of  knowledge. St. Aloysius carved a niche for itself the world over, showing its preferential love for young men and women who come to it from the multiple spectra of caste, creed and gender, The college instils in them the values of life and makes them fully conscious  of their potential of their commitment  towards the society and the world. Though a minority Catholic educational institution, St. Aloysius  is open to all students irrespective of caste and creed.  Students are accepted and cherished as they are, and are helped to grow in their cultural, social and religious traditions.

Since its inceptions in 1968, the college has been rendering valuable service for the advancement of the educationally, socially and economically  backward rural people in and around Thrissur. If Elthuruth is what it is today, this place owes a great deal to the college and other educational institutions in the campus, and to the CMI priests who run them. They believe in the efficacy of Christian value system and seek to imbibe it through a unique concept of discipline. The college promotes education in a free atmosphere, which enables  the students to seek the truth in their own way. It demands us to continue striving through constructive engagement for a bright future for our academic community in a world of growing challenges in higher education. I am sure that the efforts that we put in as a team won’t go unnoticed.