Attendance & Promotion

                                                           (as per the U.O.No.5180/2014/Admin dated 29.05.2014)

  1. A student who absents himself/herself from class during any one period of the day shall lose the full attendance of the session.
  2. Students coming late to class will lose half a day’s attendance. The teacher at his/her discretion may admit students who come late. He/she may also mark them present on a reasonable excuse.
  3. Students have access to MIS, (, and can get information regarding their attendance any time they want, and any complaints regarding it should be brought to the notice of the Principal within three days.
  4. Students have to satisfy attendance requirements for admission to University examinations.
  5. Application for condonation will be recommended by the Principal only if he is convinced that the shortage of attendance was due to causes beyond the control of the student and that the application has been endorsed by the H.O.D. concerned. Ordinarily, only prolonged illness will be accepted as a genuine reason for shortage of attendance. Absence without leave will not be condoned under any circumstances. A student shall be permitted to appear for the semester examination, only if he/she secures a minimum of 75% attendance in each semester. Condonation of shortage of attendance to a maximum of 9 days (10%) in a semester subject to a maximum of two times during the period of a Degree or condonation of shortage of attendance up to a maximum of 18 days (20%) once in a single chance during the entire course, on genuine medical grounds, may be granted by the University with proper chalan remitted to the university  (Shortage exceeding 9 days (10%) will be condoned only on genuine medical grounds) Benefits of attendance may be granted to students who attend the approved activities of college/University with prior concurrence of the Class Teacher/Head of the Department and the Principal. Participation in such activities may be treated as presence in lieu of their absence on production of participation/attendance certificate in curricular/extra curricular activities recommended by the concerned teacher and Head of the Department. It should be limited to 9 days in a semester. If a student is continuously absent from the class for more than 14 working days without proper permission, the student shall be removed from the rolls.
  1. Semester Repetition: Students who have suffered serious health problems, on production of medical certificate issued by a physician not below the rank of a Civil Surgeon on Govt..service, may be permitted to repeat the course if recommended by the Head of the Department. Such students or their parents have to report the matter in writing to the class teacher and the Head of the Department. The medical Certificate should be submitted at the time of rejoining. Such certificates will not be accepted at a later date. The copies of such letters/certificates are to be kept in the Department with dated signature by the Head of the Department for further references. Only such requests following the above mentioned procedures will be validly accepted for benefits of attendance.
  1. A student in a Junior class who has earned required attendance progress certificate is eligible for promotion to the next higher class only if he/she has registered for the University examination at the end of the year.