Eligibility for Fee Concession Govt./ University Scholarships

The income limit for Kerala State Scholarship is Rs. 10000, Rs. 12000 for Degree and Post Graduate courses respectively. The income limit for National Loan/ Merit Scholarship is below Rs. 25000 for Degree courses while there is no income limit for Post Graduate courses. All Scholarships except University Merit Scholarship are awarded on the basis of merit cum means, subject to the number allotted each year.
Fee concessions and stipends are available to students of Scheduled Castes/ Tribes or of other backward communities under various schemes of the Govt. Students of Socially and educationally backward classes and even those of forward communities can enjoy educational concessions, if their parent’s annual income is below Rs. 25000/- (excluding D.A) and Rs. 42000/- for Degree and Post Graduate courses respectively. If annual income is less than Rs. 36000/- the Post Graduate students are entitled to stipend also. Those who are eligible for fee concession must produce the income certificate of the parent from the village Officer at the time of admission.
Students should submit the applications for scholarship/ concession in the prescribed form in the College office within fifteen days of the commencement of their respective classes.
In the event of a scholarship or concession holder discontinuing his studies during the course of the academic year he shall return the scholarship/concession amount received before he obtains his certificates.
There are several scholarships such as University, State and National scholarships available to eligible students besides College endowments and help from the Poor Students Aid fund.
The scholarship holders shall pay their tuition and other fees of the college in full on the prescribed dates.
The continuance of all scholarships and stipends depends on good behaviour and progress in studies. Failure to gain annual promotion means forfeiture of the award. Each holder shall acknowledge receipt of his allowance in an acquittance book.
All scholarships and stipends shall cease with the examination at the end of course for which they are granted.

Students  Scholarship Fund

Almost one third of our students are from poor families.   The college has set apart an amount of Rs. 12 Lakhs for the financial assistance  to the poor and meritorious students every year.  It aims to enable them with an opportunity to pursue the courses at the graduate or postgraduate level.