Department of Statistics offers M Sc program in Statistics. At the UG level, Statistics is taught as subsidiary to the students of Mathematics,  Physics and Psychology. Since it is a key topic for sampling and analysis, limited topics are offered to the students of M.A Economics  also.

1. Statistics as First Complementary Course for B. Sc. Mathematics Programme to the Degree students in Mathematics a complementary course in Statistics is offered for the first four semesters of their study.

2. Statistics Programme offered for M.A. Economics as optional papers. A course in Statistics is offered to the post-graduate students in the Department of Economics as n optional subject.

Programme Outcome

Faculty Members

  • Jyothi Sreenivas K

Faculty (Self Financing)

  • Prof. A.S. Raffy . (Co-ordinator)
  • Mr. Manjo Devassykutty,
  • Ms. Vincy Kochupaul, .
  • Ms. Reshma T.S.