Women’s Club

Women’s Club  takes care of creating social awareness, justice and infuses courage and fortitude amongst the girls by undertaking certain socially useful projects for women.   The Women Club handles issues related to women’s welfare.  It  organizes various social awareness programmes so as to help the students understand  various slices of life in the society.

The objectives of the Club are:

  • To cultivate leadership skills in women
  • To create an awareness about the social problems faced by women and to work for the uplift of women
  • To make women realize their equal responsibility in building a society.

The programs conducted by the Club are designed also to showcase students’ talents, boost their confidence and identify their strength areas. The training and workshops on Health and fitness, Culinary art etc.  are some such programs. Various seminars are organized by the Cell on relevant topics every year. The members have served the local society during their visits to the school for the differently-abled, to orphanages and homes for destitute women.


1. Dr. Bolie Therattil
HOD, Department of Chemistry
2. Reshma K Jose
Asst. Professor, Department of English
3. Ms. Ragitha AG
HOD, Department of Commerce
4. Ms Roji KR
Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce
5. Ms. Nima A.M
Asst. Professor, Department of English
6. Ms. Rajalakshmi
Asst. Professor, Department of Commerce