Dr. Jeeja Tharakan

Personal Details

Name:                               Dr. Jeeja Tharakan
Nationality:                      Indian
Gender :                            Female
Date of Birth :                  May 5th, 1969
Designation :                    Assistant Professor
                                            Department of Zoology,
                                            St. Aloysius College (University of Calicut)
                                            Elthuruth, Trichur, Kerala 680611
Teaching Experience :
Research Experience :
Present Address :            W/o K.O.Devassy, Kodiyan House Kuzhoor P.O. Thrissur.
E mail :                              jeejatharakan@gmail.com
Phone :                              9446872757


Educational Qualifications

M.Sc. Zoology, Ph.D in Zoology
M.A. Political Science, B.Ed

Books Published

A Hand book of Freshwater Ornamental fish of Kerala Having Export Potential

Research Peapers

Patterns of sexual dimorphism in two ornamental fishes; Jeeja Tharakan N.D.Inasu,-Aquarium World. December, 2008 32-34
Studies on Reproductive Biology of Puntius parrah- Dr.Jeeja Tharakan Dr.N.D.Inasu, The journal of the zoological society of Kerala (1&2), 20-23
Variations in the protein content of muscle, liver and ovary during reproductive cycle in Puntius parrah; Millennium Zoology, Nov.2009 10(1), 30-33
A comparative study on sex ratio in Puntius amphibius and Puntius sarana subnasutus. The journal of the zoological society of Kerala
Ontogeny and seasonal variations in the diet of Silver belly Gazza minuta from the Kerala coast-The journal of the zoological society of Kerala (24-30)